Newark Airport

Visual Design 

Moment Factory had the opportunity to create a Digital Journey of Surprises for the new Newark airport terminal in New Jersey. "As travelers enter the Departure Hall, a Welcome Banner radiates calm energy and blends in with its surroundings. Then, to the surprise of onlookers, a wayward beach ball or errant kite breaks the illusion and the digital fresco opens to reveal a star-studded lineup of New Jersey highlights. The journey continues in the Retail Hall where the Forest of Firsts, made up of eight towering LED pillars, offers dynamic homages to the state’s spirit of innovation. At the flight gates, informative pylons bridge the threshold between New Jersey and the next destination with a mix of practical flight information, intuitive boarding cues, and fun-to-know Jersey trivia. Landside, inbound passengers know they’ve arrived in New Jersey when they reach an iconic NJ sculpture featuring 12-foot-tall letters planted in a lush ‘Garden State’ shaped island." - From Moment Factory's website.

Creative Director:

Amy Chartrad

Multimedia Directors:

Patrice Mathieu

Sophie Midavaine


6 months